Loans and payroll without endorsement

The current financial market has changed a lot in recent years due to the arrival of numerous private equity companies and the proof is that now we can get loans with ASNEF and payroll. Know what you need to know to contract loans with Green Day Online in minutes and totally online.

As they are loans with ASNEF and payroll without endorsement

Until recently the bank was the only way out that we had to contract any type of financial product. An authentic mountain of papers and documents, numerous visits to the nearest bank branch and in many cases for nothing. The reason is that this type of entities did not accept profiles with certain risks.

However, the landscape has changed radically in recent times. So great has been the change that we now have the possibility of obtaining, including loans with ASNEF and payroll without endorsement and, in addition, we can do it in a few minutes and without leaving home.

The endorsement has lost much importance in financial products

For example, until a few years ago, it was common for us to find that banks asked us to present an endorsement as an additional guarantee when requesting a loan. It was the way we had to assure the bank that we were solvent enough to repay the financing we hired.

Now we can get financing with outstanding debts

On the other hand, the fact of being in a file of defaulters such as ASNEF, RAI or EXPERIAN had always been an insurmountable obstacle when contracting any type of financial product. However, now it is no longer a problem that we have outstanding debts.

Payroll is no longer essential as a guarantee of payment

In third and last place, the payroll has also been very attractive for banks, since it gives some stability that other income, in their opinion, does not have. That is, they have always been the preferred payment guarantee. But now they are not as fundamental as they were a few years ago and other types of compensation are also taken into account.

The appearance of a large number of private equity companies during the crisis has made other requirements for the granting of credits to be taken into account. The decrease in the number of loans granted by the banks has caused these companies to mark differences with respect to the traditional conditions that were required in the financing.

Credits with ASNEF and payroll without third parties

Currently, the private lenders that have reached our financial market occupy a very important place in the finance sector. They stand out for their flexible requirements and because, in general, they allow us to get the credits we need in a few minutes. A good example is a simple fact that with them we can get loans with ASNEF and payroll without endorsement, while with banks when figuring in a record of defaulters we have no option to get liquidity. In this way, the types of loans with ASNEF and payroll without third parties that we can currently hire are:

  • Mini credits: loans with ASNEF and payroll without third parties of this style stand out for being tremendously fast and flexible. In just a quarter of an hour, they allow us to make the request and have amounts of up to 750 euros in our bank account.
  • Quick loans: these loans for people with outstanding debts, payroll and who do not require collateral are also granted by lenders but they offer us the possibility of obtaining up to 5,000 euros with terms that, instead of lasting 30 days, can reach 2 or 3 years.

To get any of these loans with ASNEF it is necessary that we justify that we have an alternative income to the payroll. This remuneration will have to be sufficient to cover the reimbursement of the credit, to be received with a frequency and a determined duration and in an official manner. In this way, we will demonstrate to the lender that we can easily reimburse our credit with ASNEF.

Who uses financial products without payroll or endorsement?

The fact that the loans with ASNEF and payroll without endorsement are granted, as their own name indicates, to defaulters, makes the products for very specific profiles. Therefore, it does not matter so much whether the applicant has a payroll or an endorsement since these credits are products designed for those who have no other option than to resort to private lenders.

Since banks do not even listen to requests from people with outstanding debts, applicants for loans with ASNEF and payroll without endorsement are those that appear in these types of files. To get these specific credits, yes, the lenders will require two extra conditions to the usual (age of majority, residence in Spain, recurring and justifiable income and a bank account). On the one hand, our debt cannot exceed the maximum amount established by the company we go to, which is usually around 500 euros and, secondly, it can not be linked to any bank, that is, to any product that has been granted by a bank.